What software do you use in-house?

In order to make sure all artwork files to and from customers are compatible, we use and recommend Adobe CC suite with Mac OS X.

What image format is preferred?

We accept images saved in the following formats: AI, EPS, PDF for high quality images; and PSD, TIFF, JPEG for low quality images. Vector art is preferred.

Pixel: 300 dpi, CMYK, Built to Size

What if I’m using my own fonts?

Please outline all fonts provided on artwork unless you plan on reprinting your artwork with text changes.

If you want to send fonts with your artwork please send fonts that are compatible with Mac OS X.

What colors should I use?

CMYK (not RGB mode) or Pantone Solid Coated (i.e. 168 C) are accepted.

How do I get the Pantone book in Adobe Illustrator?

Go to your “Swatches” palette -> Options -> Click over “Open Swatch Library” -> Click over “Color Books” -> Check “Pantone Solid Coated”.

Adobe Illustrator CC format help...

  • Earlier versions of Adobe Illustrator are accepted, but CC is used in-house
  • Supply all fonts if fonts are not outlined within the file
  • Supply any and all embedded Hi Res images used in the Illustrator document (300-dpi minimum on 4cp)

Adobe Photoshop CC format help...

  • Earlier versions are also acceptable
  • Use this file format for Hi Res images (4cp, grayscale b/w) only. Do not create label solely in this program. (No text, etc. should be supplied in Photoshop. Please use Illustrator for copy, spot color creations, vector art, etc.)
  • Save Hi Res images (4cp) in CMYK not RGB mode. Embed or place file in appropriate program (Illustrator, Freehand, etc.)
  • Save CMYK images no lower than 300 dpi at 100% size
  • Do not use separate channels for spot colors

PDF file format saved from Illustrator

  • Please make sure file is saved correctly
  • All fonts must be embedded or outlines
  • All Hi Res images are embedded
  • File is ready to print

What about dielines and bleeds?

Please supply file with correct size dieline, chosen in a separate color to call out.

Please supply file with 1/16″ bleed (if file bleeds) on all appropriate sides.

How do I double check my artwork is ready?

Please verify that your file(s) are complete, correct, and ready to print before submitting to us. We require a hardcopy or PDF file for verification of the original file’s correctness. We also ask that each client provides a spec of full size, colors used, and any comments or concerns regarding file supplied.

Where do I submit my artwork?

Artwork can be sent to us via email. For secure delivery or to send files too large for email, please contact your Account Manager for access to our secure artwork upload link. We’ll provide you with a temporary username and password to upload files 1gb or smaller. We also recommend free third-party sites such as Hightail or Dropbox for larger file uploads. CDs, flash drives or DVDs are accepted as well.

What if I don’t have any artwork?

We are more than happy to help with artwork – whether you have an idea or no idea at all for your label. Our graphics department will come up with options based on discussions held, to ensure that your final product looks the way you want it to.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

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