We’ve been featured by InTouch Labels!

Our dedication to our customers and products have been featured by InTouch Labels!

From time to time we all have to deal with difficult projects and tight deadlines.  Sometimes, we might have to shift production schedules or ask someone to work overtime to meet a customer’s needs.  One label printer in California took this concept a step further.

Label Productions, based in Temecula, CA was faced with a difficult challenge when their largest customer, the Original Super Glue, need to decrease production times for their product labels.  The customer required a two-ply coupon label with printing on each layer, with diecutting and trim-waste removal.  The Original Super Glue company uses the coupon labels on their smaller bottles to increase sales of their slightly larger bottles.  Consumers peel back the top layer to have access to the coupon.  This is the simple part.  Quickly and efficiently producing the labels is the tricky part.

Label Productions opted to retrofit their Mark Andy 2200 flexo press with a web-translator module that creates multilayer film coupon/labels from a single web.  Steve Hamelback, president of Label Productions said, “Our largest customer needed to move to better lead times.  We have at lease 500 different SKUs for this one company because we may do work for their private labels that go to Mom-and-Pop hardware stores, and then we may do 1,200 or even a couple labels for its actual customers.”

The new printing method prints the layers of the label side-by-side, with a slit down the center to easily place the top layer over the bottom layer.  Without the retrofit, Label Productions had to print each layer separately, which took too much time.  “The entire process is done in-line, “ explains Hamelback, “We’re able to print the 5-inch wide top layer and the 5-inch wide bottom layer at the same time.  The layers are translated, the liner gets peeled, and then through a series of idlers and web-length adjustments they are married together.  We can do the same five colors in the same path on both layers.”

It sounds like Label Productions came up with a great way to improve production times, satisfy their customer, and add another capability to their operation.  Overall, I think it shows a great dedication to their work and commitment to their customer.

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